The Marching Men of New Iberia

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Fir Mairseail Nua Iberia


Saturday, March 9th:            o     Gather at 520 E. Main St. to begin the festivities

                                                          o     Visit to Assisted Living facilities at 11:00 am

                                                                  for cheer before lunch.

                                                           o    This year we will be joined by the "Whiskey Bay Rovers" a period troupe of

                                                                  minstrels that will entertain all with music and good cheer.

                                                          o     Open the "Turning the Bayou Country Green" Celebration at the                                                                                                           Civic Center Plaza on Main St.;  turn the fountain GREEN and welcome

​                                                                  from the Civic Leadership of New Iberia.  All begins at 3:00 pm.

                                                          o      Begin St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl;  starts at Civic Center Plaza and visits

                                                                   Quarter Tavern, Preservation Bar, NILA's Bourbon Hall, Napoleans, and

                                                                   the E&E Sports Bar to bring Irish Cheer to the Public.  Admission to the bus

                                                                   is the purchase of a pack of 5 raffle tickets to support Special Olympics.


Sunday, March 17th:         St. Patrick's Day March and Celebration


                                                          o     Gather at Ken's House, 520 E. Main St. at 1:00-2:00 PM;  Begin decoration

                                                                  of the Mascot Jeep,  Grand Marshall presentations, prepare for the march.

                                                          o     At 2:30 PM begin march organization and order of march.

                                                          o     Start of the march Down Main St. at 3:00 PM Spreading Irish Cheer and Good Luck

                                                                  with doubloons, beads, candy, and carnations.  March ends

                                                                  at the Jefferson St. intersection.

                                                          o     After the march, move to Beau Soleil for short St. Patrick's Day toast

                                                           o    Move to Bourbon Hall for the Annual Benefit Raffle at 6:00 pm.


Scroll down for a look at some up coming events and the schedules for the 2018 St. Patrick's Day March and Celebration

Purpose and Charter  The purpose of the Fir Màirseàil Nua Iberia is to provide organization to a group of like minded gentlemen who will develop, lead, and participate in a march to be held in New Iberia, and to be held every St. Patrick’s Day, or March 17th, of each year.

Fir Màirseàil Nua Iberia, or The New Iberia Marching Men, is a non-profit, civic and social organization dedicated to the organization and celebration of the Irish holiday of St. Patrick’s Day in New Iberia, Louisiana, highlighted by a Celebration of "Turning the Bayou Country Green"  early in March, and a march of Irish clad members down Main Street in New Iberia on St. Patrick's Day, and available to march in other similarly organized or dedicated parades at other times or events in the area.