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St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and the Fir Máirseáil Nua Iberia
It may not seem it, but Irish and Celtic culture has helped shape the meltingpot of Louisiana for more than a century. And Louisiana was well suited for Irish immigration due to Catholicism. Even locally, think Shea, or Caffery, or McLelland, or even Irish Bend in St. Mary Parish. But until recently 
there hasn’t been a proper local celebration of the largest Irish-American holiday in the US. That was until a group of like-minded gentlemen from New Iberia decided to put on a right and proper celebration to honor the Celt’s patron saint. Fir Máirseáil Nua Iberia (Gaelic for New Iberia’s
Marching Men) was formed in 2012 by a group of friends who took it upon themselves to organize a St.Patrick’s Day march each March 17th to honor the patron saint of the Emerald Isle. The inaugural march was in 2012, when they wore matching Black Watch Tartan kilts and marched down Main
Street New Iberia passing out beads, carnations, and other throws to the various crowds that gathered to enjoy the event. Their goal is to create a yearly tradition for the community, so that for one day, even in New Iberia, everybody can be Irish. Now they have added the extra special event of "Turning the Bayou Country Green" as a kick off to each year's celebration, turn the Civic Center Fountain and Pond green, visit assisted living homes around the city, and include organizations like the New Iberia Fire Department, the "Berry Queens", and the Iberia Special Olympics. All to add even more Green to everybody's day. As the organization has gained popularity, and the annual Gun Raffle has shown itself to be a success, so that now, Fir Mairseail has the financial ability to donate more money.  The Special Olympics is an organization that is well known to all, and is the official recipient of donation funds raised by Fir Mairseail.

Join them, in March, in New Iberia, and "Get Some Green On!"